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The UK's Leading Bulk Packaging Specialists | Order Online Today
The UK's Leading Bulk Packaging Specialists | Order Online Today

FIBC Bulk Bags

Sackmaker manufacture and supply FIBC Bulk Bags for a broad range of applications. Designed for a range of applications and are perfect for packing and transporting bulk loose granular or powdered products.

All our FIBC’s are type tested and feature a safety label certifying each bag to standard loads of 1,000kg. Bespoke items can be certified up to 2,000kg.

Standard FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Open Top
  • Fill Spout
  • Top Skirt
  • Discharge Spout
  • Printing available

Choose from over 14 stock sizes ready for immediate despatch

Bespoke FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Custom sizes
  • Tailored filling & discharge options
  • Standard or increased SWL’s
  • Various lifting & tipping options
  • Coated, coloured or ventilated fabrics
  • Form fit polythene liners
  • Dustproof seams and document pockets

Custom Bulk Bags can be manufactured in the UK or imported from our overseas mills.

Specialist FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Type ‘C’ Anti Static bags
  • Food grade & hygiene rated bags
  • UN / ADR chemical bags
  • Subsea discharge bags
  • Baffle bags
  • Form fit polythene lined bags

Full conformity & quality assured. Approved suppliers to many chemical & food grade facilities

Firewood FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Off the shelf sizes
  • Custom printing & branding
  • Vented stripe or mosquito style fabric
  • Mini bulk / barrow type bags
  • Tipping loops
  • SWL & safety labels

High quality & consistent supply. Customise your products to your brand with bespoke alterations and printing.

Helicopter Lifting FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Off the shelf sizes
  • Extra long lifting loops
  • Increased 1,200kg SWL & 6:1 Safety Factor
  • Helibag® safety label
  • Made to order special sizes
  • Complies to British & European standards

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